• What types of services can PBP provide?

    PBP employees take pride in our ability to improve overall operating efficiency while maintaining the highest level of customer service. Safety, experience, reliability, flexibility, and professionalism make PBP a solution to your outsourcing needs.

    Our services range from:

    • Facility Engineering
    • Electrical & Lighting
    • Office & Administration
    • Security Personnel
    • Office & Administration
    • HVAC & Mechanical
    • Energy Solutions
    • Custodial Service
    • Snow Removal
    • Contract Management
  • Where can PBP operate?

    PBP has the flexibility and capability to operate anywhere in the United States. We have done many notable projects in various states across the country.

  • How can PBP help my organization most?

    PBP excels at providing services generally considered outside of a client’s core business. We provide service solutions that will positively impact productivity, value, and savings.This gives you the ability to focus on what you do best, and let us take care of the rest. A client achieves economic benefits by reducing operating costs, while freeing up assets to concentrate efforts on an organization’s fundamental role.

  • I have a problem NOW what do I do?

    PBP specializes in a short transition process that quickly puts service into full operation. We have the flexibility to pull resources together and get a project started in the shortest time frame. Contact us with your needs and we will get started on the solution immediately.

  • Why should I choose PBP?

    PBP is highly committed to delivering superior quality service in line with customer’s needs and expectations. We are a high profile company, with the capability to handle projects of any size. Our high level of service is unmatched and sure to please any operational need.

  • How can I work with PBP?

    Contact us through our Free Assessment page and a dedicated team member will contact you. If you would like to speak to a company representative please call our office at 847-550-9366. PBP will conduct a walk through of your facility and begin discussing the scope of services. These four basic steps will direct the process:

    • Assessment
    • Action Plan Development
    • Authorization
    • Implementation
  • What factors are critical to success?

    When an organization chooses PBP as their service provider, we enter into a contract with one common goal, making sure our customers are always pleased with the experience. Our success depends on the success of our clients. Factors critical to a successful operation include top management, strong technical and management teams, proven methodology, inherent flexibility, open communication, and service driven employees. Working together as a team and always staying Focused On Service is our commitment to you!