Security Personnel

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PBP will meet your custom security objectives and provide you with market-specific commercial security services. Our security personnel are skilled in operational procedures and software systems needed in an office lobby. This lets you focus on your business, free from security concerns. We offer the flexibility and availability needed to operate a secured facility. PBP offers a customizable list of security services that are requirement-focused and cost-effective. Whether you’re a major facility, national institution, or smaller organization; PBP designs and exercises custom security services that fulfill all your requirements.


PBP Custom Security Services

  • Concierge and receptionist services
  • Dispatch
  • Uniformed, unarmed and plain clothes security services
  • Control room services
  • Ushers and ticket takers
  • Special events coverage and crowd control
  • Security trained support personnel

In the security industry, requirements are always changing and PBP employees are trained to adapt accordingly. Our security personnel have the skills and responsibilities needed to help your operation run effectively.