Aviation & Transportation

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Airports are dynamic, fast paced environments where customer needs for service frequently change. PBP has the flexibility and capability to modify its operations to fit the customer’s requests. Our staff is hard at work around the clock monitoring systems, providing assistance, and looking for new opportunities to assist airline and airport functions.

Passenger Loading Bridge Maintenance / Refurbishment / Relocation

Passenger Loading Bridge Installation

Photoelectric Bag Scanning Systems

Control Room/Dispatch

Document Verification

Baggage Conveyor Systems

Fuel Rack Maintenance

Manual Encoding

Passenger Assistance

Potable Water Systems

PBP’s on-site aviation professionals are responsible for the operation, safety, and maintenance of equipment and facilities. Because these areas undergo meticulous inspection of federal and local authorities, they must be maintained at the highest standard of service. Our government security cleared engineers have the specialized training needed to support the following operations:

  • Baggage/Conveyor Systems
  • Mechanical
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Triturator System
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Software
  • Work Order Processing
  • Contract Management
  • Passenger Assistance
  • Office & Administration
  • Dispatch Call Centers
  • Passenger Loading Bridges
  • Electrical
  • 400Hz Ground Power Systems
  • Ground Equipment Chargers
  • Flight Information Displays
  • Automation Systems
  • Hold Room Seating
  • Baggage Claim / Porter Services
  • Ticket Verification
  • Custodial Service
  • Terminal Transportation Services
  • Gate Coordinators
  • Snow Removal

Whether working with a major hub, mid-sized, or regional airport, you can count on us to provide your customers with an unparalleled and positive experience. As a leader in the industry, PBP’s expertise and quality of service consistently contribute to a high level of performance at the lowest cost. Accommodating passengers with a safe and enjoyable travel experience starts with our Focus On Service.